Diesel Generator Enclosures

Hennig Enclosure Systems fully understands that enclosure applications can range from the very simple to the very complex. Our team can work with you to provide an enclosure that meets your exact specifications. The Hennig team can offer you a completely custom enclosure design with almost any option. We can also provide you with an enclosure equipped with any of the following standard and/or optional features for your unique application.

Gas Generator Enclosures

Hennig Enclosure Systems offers a full range of solutions for your natural gas and biogas projects.  We offer fully integrated packages with any options you will need ranging from remote radiators, separate control rooms, heat recovery systems, air/fuel ratio controllers, mechanical rooms, and much more.

Machine Tool Enclosures

Hennig designs and manufactures many types of enclosure systems for machine tools, manufacturing cells, and interlinked installations. Hennig enclosures are designed to protect operators from potential harm and to protect costly machinery from the environment. One popular version of the Hennig enclosure line is the modular, single or double paneled type, adaptable to individual requirements. Hennig machine enclosure systems provide easy access to the machine or manufacturing cell for repair or maintenance.

Switchgear Enclosures & Electrical Housings

Hennig offers a full line of switchgear and electrical housings that are among the best in the industry.  We supply full integration of your components along with a full complement of housing components such as lights, heaters, outlets, panic bar door latches, HVAC units, etc.  These housing come in all sizes and can include a base to ship the entire unit fully assembled or we can provide drop to pad models that meet your gear on site

Fuel Tanks

All our tanks can be manufactured up to 45″ in height and 150″ in width. The primary tank is built with heavy 7-gauge formed material for strength and durability, while the secondary tank is made of formed 11-gauge reinforced with 7-gauge channels. Our generator tanks do not need costly and heavy beams to support the generator. This eliminates trip hazards and allows us to keep the overall height down. All our tanks come standard with a minimum 110% secondary containment area.


From Stairs & Platforms, Tank components, Remote annunciators, Fill stations, Fuel monitoring & controls, and more. Let Hennig be your one stop source to complete any system necessary or build a custom product from the ground up.