Engineering Expertise


Post Production


Hennig’s engineering staff has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of enclosures. Our engineers use the latest CAD 3D modeling programs to develop your enclosures, allowing us to build a virtual model of your enclosure before we ever manufacture it. With this capability, our customers are able to see the finished product before we even cut the steel. Hennig has manufactured many enclosures for machine tools, requiring tight tolerances for complex operations.





Post Production

When a Hennig product leaves the facility, our job is not over. We make sure all enclosures and installations perform to or highest standards in the field

Hennig ensure products perform in the field and follow up with on-site visits.

Hennig backs all products with a guarantee.

From 3D CAD Model

Our skilled Engineers start with CAD to develop concepts to optimize designs and confirm the project is built within specifications with detailed drawings.

To Finished Enclosure & Fuel Tank

Once the drawings are approved, we move into production. This transition between the engineers and factory floor specialists is seamless.

Quality Engineered Design

“Perfect Machine Protection” is not just a tagline. It’s a mission. We are dedicated to providing a top quality Enclosure System the first time. Hennig Enclosure Systems are designed to endure catastrophes. We start by designing them to withstand high snow loads and 120 mph winds as standard features. We then use only the highest quality material to construct your enclosure system. Our enclosures are laser cut to ensure that every piece is both accurate and consistent. We use CNC press brakes to form the product before paint. Once all the parts are completed, each part is finished with a top quality powder coat for a showroom look and resistance to the elements. After painting, the enclosure is then assembled with close attention to detail by our highly trained crew.


You can rely on our ability to build the enclosure to suit your needs. In addition to our expertise and experience in enclosure manufacturing, we also have the capacity and the equipment to get the job done:

• (5) lasers (1″ Thick), sheet size 160″ x 80″.
• (3) Press brakes up to 170 ton, to accommodate bend lengths of up to 5 meters long.
• Folding Machine
• 135 Tons of crane capacity.
• Waterjet machine, 12′ x 6′ bed (steel, aluminum, plastics, and foam).
• Powdercoat paint booth & wet paint booth.

Sound Engineering

Work with our team of experts to deliver a product that last in the field and outlast any other brand in the market space.

Industry Leaders

With our products and industry performance, we stay ahead of our competition to showcase quality designs.


There are also a number of third party insurance back warranty options available on projects, selection of which will be dependent on project requirements.


The Hennig North facility is one of the largest. We encourage our client base to visit the headquarters to see our expansive inventory of machines and equipment.